Black lives matter

2 Jun, 2020 | 0 comments

The video I’m sharing below was originally posted over on my Instagram account, but I’m sharing here partly in case you didn’t see it there, and partly as a statement of intent. I commit to doing the work to end systemic racism and white supremacy.

I’ve been planning to start a YouTube Channel for a while. Now seems the time.

Please, hold me to account on this. Tell me when I’m doing it wrong (I will). Help me do better (I plan to).

Together we can make the difference we need to make.

Transcript: Black lives matter

Not quite sure what to make of what’s going on right now?
It’s really very simple.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
A refusal to engage in political discourse is, in itself, a political act.
An insistence that #alllivesmatter hides the fact that, for far too many people, black lives don’t.
Black; indigenous; bi-racial; all people of colour; their lives matter.
And globally, we know this. The majority of people know this.
But a minority are loud.
A racist minority designed and have control of our structures and systems to divide opposition and consolidate their own power. They manipulate the media and the algorithms, and as a result, their racism is systemic and runs rampant through our culture.
They are the minority.
Stop standing in neutrality.
Stop opting out of politics.
Raise your voice.
Black lives matter.

#blacklivesmatter #systemchange #businessispolitics #lifeispolitics #apathyisapoliticalact #neutralityhelpstheoppressor

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